Former Naval Fuel Depot Point Molate

Former Naval Fuel Depot Point Molate


Base Summary

Base Property and Historical Use
The former Naval Fuel Depot (NFD) Point Molate is located on the San Pablo Peninsula, approximately 1.5 miles north of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in the City of Richmond, California. NFD Point Molate covers approximately 413 acres in the Potrero Hills along the northeastern shore of San Francisco Bay. The San Pablo Peninsula is the land mass between San Pablo Bay and San Francisco Bay. The facility occupies approximately 1.6 miles of shoreline and its property extends into adjacent hillsides up to the top of the San Pablo ridge. Topography ranges from flat, filled areas (reclaimed tidal areas) near the bay to steep, dissected slopes of nearly 500 feet in elevation. The facility is bordered to the north, south, and east by the Chevron Richmond Refinery and to the west by San Francisco Bay. NFD Point Molate is a former fuel storage facility that was capable of storing more than 40 million gallons of jet fuel and marine diesel fuel in 26 underground storage tanks, connected by 9 miles of underground and aboveground pipelines. Historically, other fuels have been stored at the depot, including bunker fuel, aviation gasoline, and some gasoline. Fuel was transferred to and from the facility by off-loading and on-loading ships and barges at the depot fuel pier, as well as through the Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline transfer station. Certain buildings and structures at the former NFD Point Molate were identified as contributing elements to what is referred to as the Winehaven District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Closure date, planned reuses, parcels transferred
Fuel storage and transfer operations at the facility ceased in May 1995. NFD Point Molate was identified for closure as part of the FISC Oakland Recommendation during the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process of 1995. Operational closure of the facility occurred in September 1998. The planned reuses of NFD Point Molate are Industrial/Commercial with open space and recreation land uses. There were 13 disposal areas (parcels) on NFD Point Molate. The Navy transferred 9 disposal areas (parcels), totaling 372 acres, to the City of Richmond in September 2003. In March 2010, the Navy transferred the remaining 4 disposal areas, totaling approximately 41.1 acres, to the City of Richmond via an Early Transfer. There are three Installation Restoration (IR) sites (Sites 1, 3, 4) on these 4 parcels which still require additional remedial actions/monitoring prior to site closure. In this early transfer, the remaining clean up will be completed by the City of Richmond.

(Updated 30 March 2010)




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  • Richmond, California
  • Total Acreage: 413
  • BRAC Year: 1995
  • Closure Date: 30 Sep 1998
  • Action: Closure - 100 percent disposed.
    All remaining environmental
    remedial actons will be performed by the
    City of Richmond and its contractors. 


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