Former Long Beach Naval Complex

Notice of Comment Period on Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Adjournment August 30 through September 30, 2019 at Former Long Beach Naval Station and Long Beach Naval Shipyard

08/29/19 12:03 PM

The Navy is considering adjournment of the RAB for the Former Long Beach Naval Station and Former Long Beach Naval Shipyard, collectively known as the Former Long Beach Naval Complex (LBNC). Adjournment is a process codified in 32 Code of Federal Regulation Part 202 Restoration Advisory Board and involves consultation with the RAB Members. The Navy’s request for comments on adjourning the RAB is the beginning of a consultation process with the RAB Members and other stakeholders from August 30, 2019 through September 30, 2019; no decision on adjournment has been made.The RAB is composed of interested citizens and government representatives involved with the environmental cleanup program at the former Long Beach Naval Complex.Interested public members are welcome to comment!

For more information contact:Mr. James Callian, Navy RAB Co-Chair at
(619) 524-4603 or
Navy BRAC Web Page:

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