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This webpage is dedicated to environmental cleanup projects occurring within the Treasure Island residential neighborhood also known as Installation Restoration Site 12. Use this page as a resource for gathering specific information on current projects happening in your neighborhood. Project descriptions are listed below along with links to documents associated with the project. If you can’t find what you are looking for or for other questions, please contact the Treasure Island BRAC Environmental Coordinator, Tahirih Linz, at or 619-524-6073. Keep checking this webpage for future projects!


IR 12 Map

Project A includes removal of excavated soil and debris currently stockpiled from previous phases of work at Westside SWDA (as indicated by the green polygon on map). The site will be graded with approximately 16,000 cubic yards of approved import fill. Noise associated with the heavy equipment backup alarms is anticipated during normal working hours. Dust control and air monitoring will be implemented to prevent airborne particulates and maintain public safety. The site surface will be restored with an approved grass seed mix compatible with adjacent areas.


Project B includes evaluations at seven subsurface radiological areas of interest (as indicated by the yellow circles on map). Prior to each evaluation, a temporary radiological control area will be established around each location. The evaluations will be performed by excavating and performing radiological surveys and scans of the excavated soil. All fieldwork will be conducted under third party oversight. The radiological isotope of concern for these seven areas of interest is Radium-226.


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