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Documents relating to the cleanup and transfer of Parcel A may be found on this page.  If you would like more information on other parcels, or the overall cleanup at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS), you may query the online Administrative Record.    




2018 Navy Statement to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

The following update was provided by the Base Realignment and Closure, Program Management Office Director regarding the Hunters Point Shipyard radiological cleanup program. READ MORE>
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2016 United States Environmental Protection Agency Parcel A Factsheet
This fact sheet provides an overview of USEPA’s knowledge of the history and cleanup of Parcel A, including removal of Parcel A from the Superfund National Priorities List, approval of the Navy’s property transfer to the city of San Francisco, and confirmation of the integrity of the cleanup work conducted at Parcel A. READ MORE>
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2004 Historical Radiological Assessment of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard 
This document presents a comprehensive history of the use of general radioactive materials and radiological operations conducted by the Navy and Navy contractors at HPNS from 1939-2003. READ MORE>
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2004 Finding of Suitability to Transfer Parcel A
The Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) is to document environmental findings regarding the proposed transfer, by deed, of the property referred to as Parcel A at HPNS.READ MORE>
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1998 Finding of Suitability to Transfer Parcel A
This document provides a report of completion of workplan activities for Parcel A, including implementation of the Record of Decision (ROD), confirmation that no CERCLA hazardous substances exist on the parcel, and confirmation of the No Further Action recommendation in the ROD. READ MORE>
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1996 Finding of Suitability to Transfer Parcel A
This report presents the results of a Finding of Suitability to Lease (FOSL) which includes: Buildings 101 and 110 on Parcel A, in addition to six other buildings on Parcel B. READ MORE>
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1995  Parcel A Record of Decision 
This document presents the selected cleanup action for Parcel A at HPNS. Based on an evaluation of analytical data and other information, the Navy, with agreement from USEPA and DTSC, has determined that no remedial action is necessary to ensure the protection of human health and the environment to Parcel A. READ MORE>
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1995 Parcel A Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study 
This report addresses basic questions of site and remedial investigations, including: where the contamination is located; what is contaminated (soil, groundwater, or air); how much and what types of contamination are present; and who or what could possibly be affected (humans, animals, or plants). The feasibility study addresses how to clean up the contamination in order to protect human health and the environment. READ MORE>
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1993 Parcel A Site Investigation Report 1 and Report 
This site inspection (SI) report presents the results of activities conducted within Parcel A. The purpose of the SI was to: 1) evaluate whether contamination was present and if a release to the environment occurred, 2) characterize site-specific hydrogeologic conditions, and 3) assess each site for possible inclusion in the Remedial Investigation (RI) program.  READ MORE Part 1>     READ MORE Part 2>  

(Appendices are available in the official Administrative Record for Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.) 

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1992 Final Summary Report of UST Removals 
This report describes results of the removals and closures-in-place of 23 underground storage tanks (USTs) at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard that contained gasoline, diesel, solvent, waste oil, water, or solvent and water. Only one of the USTs removed was located in Parcel A from a parking lot; it was used to store fuel for a nearby building. The UST was removed in 1991. READ MORE>
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1984 Initial Assessment Study of Hunters Point Shipyard 
This report presents findings and conclusions of the Initial Assessment Study (IAS) conducted at HPNS to identify and assess sites posing a potential threat to human health or to the environment due to contamination from past hazardous material operations. READ MORE>
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