Former Naval Shipyard Hunters Point

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(cont'd) May 2, 2018 
An EPA Memo, dated 29 Dec. 2017 provided an evaluation of findings reports for Parcels B and G that found a higher percentage of data concerns than the Navy?


There is no fundamental disagreement between Navy and EPA regulators.While the analysis approach and numbers may differ, the cumulative assessments have led us to evaluate the most efficient retesting approach to ensure the property is safe for transfer to the local community.

The Navy and regulatory agencies agree that all Tetra Tech radiological work areas need to be retested.  Percentages reported by the Navy in our technical evaluations represent areas where data has indications of potential falsification only.  The percentages reported in the December 27, 2017 EPA letter indicate areas of potential falsification and an evaluation of other factors including quality control.

We are committed to continuing our cooperative work with both state and federal regulators.

We look forward to describing the extensive cleanup effort at Hunters Point and encourage participation in our community meetings and bus tours.

(cont'd) May 2, 2018 


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