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PFAS Virtual Open House

Welcome to the Virtual Open House!

The Navy welcomes you to the Virtual Open House of the Former NAS South Weymouth Private Well Investigation.

The Navy is conducting a private well investigation in a designated sampling area near the Former Naval Air Station South Weymouth starting in November 2020.  The chemicals the Navy is testing for are certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, which may be present in private wells used for drinking water in the sampling area due to past Navy use of firefighting foam, specifically aqueous film forming foam.

In early November 2020, the Navy sent letters to owners of properties that may have a private well requesting permission to collect and test their well water.  Ordinarily, a public Open House meeting would be held to explain the private water well investigation and provide general information about PFAS. However, due to COVID-19 and social distancing concerns, the Navy and our partnering agencies agree that holding a public meeting is not advisable.  Instead, we have included on this webpage the posters and fact sheets on specific topics related to the investigation that would have been displayed at the public meeting.     

The Navy is partnering with multiple agencies throughout this investigation, and these partners have helped us prepare the information presented on this webpage.

The information is organized in:

  • Stations 1 through Station 6.  We recommend that you view them all in order to get the most thorough understanding of the private well investigation. 

Scrolling to the bottom of the Virtual Open House webpage, you will find:

  • Handouts (downloadable pdfs or links), 
  • Questionnaire about your private water well (downloadable fillable pdf), and  
  • Points of Contact information for the Navy and the regulatory partners. 

In closing, we want to thank you for taking the time to review the webpage information and encourage you to schedule a sampling appointment if you live within the designated sampling area and have a private water well used for drinking water.  You are also encouraged to contact the Navy or any of our partnering agencies through the email addresses or phone numbers provided for the Points of Contact at any time during the investigation if you have questions or need additional information.   


Welcome to the PFAS Virtual Open House

South Weymouth PFAS Virtual Open House Stations

Station 1Station 2 |   Station 3   |   Station 4  |  Station 5  |  Station 6   |  Handouts 

Station 1 - Navy Policy

Why is the Navy Sampling Private Drinking Water Wells

Poster #1
This poster discusses why the Navy is sampling private water wells nationwide for PFAS and the protective policy the Navy issued to evaluate potential exposure to PFAS in drinking water.  This poster also discusses the most common historical Navy use of PFAS.


On Base Information

PFAS Release Areas / Perimeter Well Data

Poster #2
This poster provides a summary of environmental investigations conducted at the former NAS South Weymouth to determine the PFAS release areas.
Poster #3
This poster provides a figure showing the PFAS release areas identified at the former NAS South Weymouth.
Poster #4
This poster summarizes the results of groundwater sampling conducted at monitoring wells located around the perimeter of the former NAS South Weymouth.

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Off Base Designated Sampling Area

Private Drinking Water Well Sampling

Poster #5
This poster describes how the private drinking water well sampling areas were established and includes a figure showing the locations of the areas.
Poster #6 thru #9
These posters provide a larger figure of each of the sampling areas.

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PFAS/Exposure/Health Effects

PFAS Sources and Exposure / Possible Health Effects and Advisory Levels / MassDEP's PFAS6 Drinking Water Standard

Poster #10
This poster discusses where PFAS come from and how people may be exposed.
Poster #11
This poster discusses possible health effects that may result from exposure to PFAS and provides information about the EPA health advisory.
Poster #12
This poster discusses the drinking water standard the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection promulgated for six PFAS.

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Next Steps

Next Steps for Drinking Water Sampling / Environmental Cleanup Process

Poster #13
This poster describes what actions the Navy will take based on the analytical results.  
Poster #14
This poster describes the environmental cleanup process and where in the process the environmental investigation at the former NAS South Weymouth is.

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Sampling Information

We Need Your Assistance - Private Well Water Sampling Process

Poster #15
This poster provides a description of how the sampling process is completed and where to call to schedule an appointment.
Poster #16
This poster provides a timeline when sampling will be conducted and when the analytical results will be received and shared with the property owners.
Poster #17
This poster provides information about how the sampling will be conducted safely to limit contact due to COVID-19 concerns.

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Fact Sheet / POC / QuestionnaireFact SheetPoints of ContactQuestionnaire


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