Former Naval Air Warfare Center Warminster

Former Naval Air Warfare Center Warminster

Base Summary

The former Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) Warminster, an 824-acre facility in Warminster Township, Ivyland Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is located in a populated suburban area surrounded by private homes, various commercial and industrial activities, and a golf course. The area encompassing the former NAWC includes various buildings and other structures connected by paved roads, mowed fields, and a small wooded area. The former facility is located on a ridge, generally oriented east-west, with elevations ranging from 297 feet above mean sea level at the northwestern property boundary to 377 feet at the eastern boundary. Slopes are gentle and average 3 to 5 percent. The northern portion of the former facility (about 65 percent) drains into small unnamed tributaries of Little Neshaminy Creek. The remaining portions drain into unnamed tributaries of Pennypack Creek.

The main runway was generally located along the topographically highest area at the facility. Many of the primary facility buildings were located west of the airstrip along Jacksonville Road. A municipal wastewater treatment plant is located in the northwestern corner of the facility.

The facility was originally the location of Brewster Aeronautical Corporation, a manufacturer of military aircraft. In 1944, the Navy assumed full control of the Brewster plant. The Naval Air Modification Unit was installed at the facility to add design modifications to military aircraft produced at other locations. After World War II, activities at the facility were altered; in 1949, the facility was designated a Naval Air Development Center (NADC), and its main mission, research, development, testing, and evaluation for Naval aircraft systems, was established. These activities varied over the years but included the development, research, and testing of aircraft components, coatings, electronics, and control devices. Concurrent with these activities, aircraft continued to be used and maintained at the facility. The NADC also conducted studies in anti-submarine warfare systems and software development.

In January 1993, the facility name was changed from NADC to NAWC Warminster.  In 1996, NAWC Warminster was realigned under the BRAC relocating the facility’s activities to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. The base is now closed and has been redeveloped for nonmilitary use by the Bucks County Federal Lands Reuse Authority (FLRA).







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Warminster, Pennsylvania

  • Total Acreage: 817; Retained by Navy:60
  • BRAC Year: 1991
  • Closure Date: 31 Mar 1997
  • Action: Closure - 100 percent disposed.
    Completing BRAC Environmental actions. 



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