Former Naval Air Facility Adak

Dig Permit


The purpose of the institutional control excavation notification is to notify the Navy of intrusive or excavation projects that will be performed on institutional control sites. After the Navy reviews the request, the original request will be returned to the requester, approved or disapproved, as appropriate. The Navy will retain a copy. An approved IC Excavation notification must be in the possession of personnel on site during excavation. The IC Excavation Notification will expire after 120 days. If an IC Excavation notification extension is necessary, the requester shall contact the Navy at 1-866-239-1219 one-week before the current IC Excavation notification expires to request an extension.


  1. Click the DOWNLOAD ADAK DIG PERMIT link at the bottom of this page to download the PDF form used to request activity.
  2. Complete all required fields on the form.
  3. On page two of the form, insert a map image showing the location of the dig area. 
  4. When the form is complete, click the Email Form button at the top of the PDF to send to the Navy for approval.
  5. For questions on this process, please send an email to:



The PDF Dig Permit allows embedding a map image directly into the form. Using your computer, create a map file with markups or use a program such as Google Earth to create a project specific map. This map file must by in one of the following formats for insertion into the form: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF.

You can use the Downtown Map below by right clicking and selecting Save Image As and then pointing to a folder on your computer.




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