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RAB Meetings

Restoration Advisory Board Meeting Information
The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) holds meetings in April and October to provide briefings on planned and on-going environmental projects and identify community concerns.  The meetings are held on-island in the Adak Community Center. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation also provides a conference room at their offices on 555 Cordova Avenue in Anchorage for Anchorage-based stakeholders to attend.  In addition, a toll-free number is provided to facilitate participation from additional shareholders and interested parties. 

The Meeting Materials link at the upper left of this page provides information on upcoming RAB Meetings as well as the RAB Meeting Minutes from the last 5 years.  Questions may be directed to the Adak Navy RAB Co-Chair listed below.

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Community Informational Meeting Material
RAB Meetings are held twice yearly, based on project status. 

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RAB Application & Rules
RAB Rules
Point of Contacts:
Mr. Justin Peach
 Adak Navy Co-Chair
 NAVFAC NW, 1101 Tautog Circle, Silverdale, WA, 98315-1101
Mrs. Esther Bennett
Adak Community Co-Chair
P.O. Box 1871, Adak, AK  99546



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