Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Program Management Office

Prior BRAC

Yearly  California Closure Installations listed below:

  1. 2005 DON Disposal Installations
  2. 2005 DON Disposal Installations
  3. 1993 DON Disposal Installations
  4. 1991 DON Disposal Installations
  5. 1988 DON Disposal Installations

The Department of the Navy refers to the first four rounds of base realignment and closure (BRAC) as Prior BRAC. The first round, known as BRAC 88, was done under Public Law 100-526. The next three rounds, known as BRAC 91, BRAC 93 and BRAC 95, were done under Public Law 101-510.

Prior BRAC rounds resulted in 178 Navy and Marine Corps bases and activities designated for closure or realignment. Of those bases, 46 were major closures, 89 were minor closures, and 43 were realignments. All 178 closure and realignment actions have been completed. What remains is environmental cleanup and property disposal.



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