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Hangar 1 Debris Removal Milestones


Hangar 1 Debris Removal Scope of Work (click charts to enlarge)

Debris Consolidation, Stabilization, Characterization, and Disposal
  • Various media will be sampled such as plywood planks, paint chips, asbestos, mixed debris including burned ash material, fire damaged wood, concrete and others.
  • Analytical laboratory data will help identify contaminants present in the debris and properly characterize the waste for offsite disposal.
Abatement and Demolition of Steel Hangar Doors
  • The Navy will evaluate and collect samples from the steel hangar doors to identify any contaminant risks (such as asbestos or lead). The doors will be broken down, debris will be consolidated based on the specific materials, and the waste will be characterized and disposed or recycled.
Structural Evaluation
  • After debris has been removed, four concrete towers and side structures will be assessed for fire damage, safety, and current structural integrity to determine what structures require demolition versus remaining in place.
Dust Suppression and Air Monitoring
  • In order to protect the community containment barriers will be constructed utilizing negative pressure and reinforced flame retardant poly, to stage and store debris. Negative pressure containment structures will be built over work areas to prevent fugitive dust. As areas are cleared, the containment structures will be moved to the next area for debris management.
  • Additionally, the Navy will utilize dust control and suppression techniques while debris removal activities are conducted. Air monitoring in and around the Hangar 1 footprint will also be conducted daily during fieldwork activities.

Hangar 1 Background

  • A fire was reported in the North Hangar (Hangar 1) at former MCAS Tustin (the Site) on Tuesday November 7, 2023. Due to the potential health risks, cleanup activities within the community began promptly and are ongoing. The Navy and the City of Tustin (City) entered into a Cooperative Agreement for the City’s emergency response and community cleanup services on November 11, 2023.
  • Debris from the fire consisted of numerous types of building materials, including asbestos and lead-based paint as a result of the age of the construction. The Navy will be removing the remainder of the hangar doors and the fire debris within the Hangar 1 footprint beginning this summer. After cleanup, remaining hangar structures will be evaluated and removed if unsafe. A report documenting field activities and waste disposal documentation will follow (see milestone figure for approximate timeline).

Hangar 1 Debris Removal Monthly Update

June 2024

  • The Navy’s contractor has developed a final work plan to address the remaining debris and steel/concrete structures within the Hangar 1 footprint. It was rigorously reviewed by local, state, and federal regulatory agencies for comment and approval. Reviewers include: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC), California Regional Water Quality Control Board  (Santa Ana Region), City, Orange County Health Care Agency, South Coast Air Quality Management District, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Navy and Marine Corps Force Health Protection Command, and California Department of Resources, Recycling, and Recovery.
  • Initial mobilization a began in May 2024 and extended through June including: mobilization and set up of site office trailers, installation of power poles and electric lines for site trailers and equipment, defining of staging areas and construction of site entry/exit points, and general site maintenance in preparation for further debris consolidation and characterization.
  • Fieldwork for the abatement and removal of onsite debris is scheduled to begin 8 July 2024.
  • The Navy has amended the Cooperative agreement with the City by an additional $27 million for an overall total of $88 million for the City’s emergency response.
  • The Navy is continuing to work with the City on its response to the Hangar fire. Additional funding will be a part of Cooperative Agreement Amendment No. 6.

May 2024 - Hangar 1 Debris Removal - click to download


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will I see and what will be happening?
    1. Workers wearing safety gear, heavy equipment, waste hauling trucks, large tented work areas, and spraying of water and/or tackifier to prevent fugitive dust.
    2. Waste hauling trucks entering the site at the intersection of Victory Ave. and Armstrong Ave.
    3. Air monitoring equipment on tripods at various locations at and around the perimeter of the site.
    4. 24/7 security guards and lights at night to maintain site security.
  2. What safety measures are being taken to protect the community?
    1. Work will occur within tented structures under negative pressure (vacuum) to prevent dust from escaping in accordance with South Coast Air Quality Management District District Rule 1403 for asbestos abatement and under a site-specific Health and Safety Plan prepared in accordance with California Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines.
    2. 24/7 real-time outdoor air monitoring for dust will be conducted continuously at the site and nearby neighborhoods to ensure dust does not escape into the community. Based on monitoring reports, additional measures could be made, including, but not limited to, stopping work.
    3. Waste will be consolidated into sealed containers for offsite disposal, and trucks will be decontaminated before leaving the site.

Who To Contact

For questions or concerns about the abatement and removal of onsite debris at Hangar 1 you may contact the Navy and your local stakeholder representatives here: click this link

Administrative Record: click this link

Helpful Links:
DTSC work notice: click this link
City of Tustin Fire Response Page: click this link





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