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In 2005, the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act (BRAC) directed the closure of Naval Air Station (NAS) Brunswick.  The last squadron left the base in November 2009.  On May 31, 2011, NAS Brunswick was officially decommissioned.

The NAS Brunswick BRAC property consisted of approximately 3,372 acres of land and is comprised of the Main Base parcel and several remote component parcels.  NAS Brunswick Main Base (approximately 3,162 acres) is located in the Town of Brunswick, Cumberland County, Maine, situated approximately 27 miles northeast of Portland and 31 miles south of Augusta.  Other properties managed by NAS Brunswick which were impacted by the BRAC decision included: Topsham Annex (73.3 acres, Topsham, Maine), McKeen Street Housing (70.2 acres, Brunswick, Maine), East Brunswick Radio Transmitter Site (66.2 acres, Brunswick, Maine), Sabino Hill Rake Station (0.23 acre, Phippsburg, Maine) and Small Point Rake Station (0.2 acre, Phippsburg, Maine).

The site of the Main Base was originally a municipal airfield constructed in the mid-1930s.  The Navy acquired the airfield in response to World War II, and NAS Brunswick was commissioned on April 15, 1943.  During World War II, NAS Brunswick provided air and surface patrols in the Atlantic to protect the coast of the United States.  After the war ended in 1945, the Station was placed in caretaker status, and the facilities were leased to a variety of organizations.  In 1951, the Station was recommissioned to support regular operations of fleet reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft.  As a result, NAS Brunswick facilities were expanded, including the construction of two 8,000-foot runways.  From the late 1950’s until 2009, the Station’s aircraft have conducted patrols over the North Atlantic using the P3-Orion aircraft.

Brunswick NAS Conveyance Status
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 Brunswick NAS Conveyance Status Chart

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