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Base Summary

Base Mission and Use
Former NSWC-White Oak is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, approximately 4 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. (Figure 1-1). The facility encompasses approximately 710 acres and is located in both Prince George's and Montgomery counties. Approximately 635 acres of the property is undeveloped. The United States Army Adelphi Laboratory Center and the United States Naval Reserve Training Center are just south of Former NSWC-White Oak.

The facility was established in 1946 as the Naval Ordnance Laboratory. The laboratory conducted research, development, and evaluations for surface warfare weapon systems, ordnance technologies, underwater weapons, and strategic systems. Former NSWC-White Oak was closed in 1997 under the Base Realignment and Closure Act. Approximately 662 acres were transferred to the General Services Administration (GSA) and the remaining 48 acres were transferred to the Army.

Land use in the vicinity of the Former NSWC-White Oak is varied. The facility is adjacent to residential properties on its west, south and east flanks. To the north lies park land, and commercial and light industrial areas which include retail businesses, office buildings, several apartment complexes, and an inactive sand and gravel quarry (Percontee quarry) . The University of Maryland also has a research center to the north of the site. To the east are a commercial/industrial park, apartment houses, and a single-family residential community. To the south are the Powder Mill Community Park, residential areas, and the Hillandale Company 12 Fire Department. To the west on New Hampshire Avenue are more single-family residences.


Base Overview

  • White Oak, Maryland
  • Total Acreage: 710
  • BRAC Year: 1995
  • Closure Date: 10 Jul 1997
  • Action: Closure - 100 percent disposed.
    Completing BRAC Environmental actions.

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