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Former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

HPNS_20220701_ARTIST_PRES_PARCEL_B_ACCESS.PDFJune 2, 2022 Artists Meeting on Parcel B
HPNS_20220801_DUST AND AIR MONITORING_FAQ.PDFJuly 2022, Dust and Air Monitoring Report
HPNS_20220822_HPNS_CAC_Presentation.PDFNavy presentation given to the Hunters Point CAC meeting on August 22, 2022.
HPNS_20221130_AIR_MONITORING_SUMMARY_REPORT_FOR_PARCEL_E_REMEDIAL_ACTION_PHASE_1_September_ 2019.PDFAir Monitoring Summary Report Nov. 2022
HPNS_20221208_AIRMON_SUMMARY_REPORT_PARCEL_E_1_OCT_2022.PDFAir Monitoring Summary Report Oct. 2022.
HPNS_APR2024_UNDERSTANDING_HPNS_CLIMATE_CHANGE_ASSESSMENT.PDFHPNS - Understanding Climate Change Assessment - April 2024
HPNS_DEC2023_PARCEL_B_RAD_GLASS_FACT_SHEET.PDFParcel B Radiological Object Recovery - Glass Fact Sheet
HPNS_JAN2024_5TH_5YR_REVIEW_FAQ.PDFHPNS January 2024 5th, Five-Year Review FAQ's
HPNS_JUNE_2023_TIMELY_TOPIC_COMMUNITY_BUS_TOURS.PDFJune 2023 HPNS Timely Topic Community Bus Tours
HPNS_MAY_2023_ANNUAL UPDATE_FINAL.PDFHPNS Final Annual Update May 2023
HPNS_NOV2023_5TH_5YR_DRAFT_REVIEW_RPT.PDFHPNS November 17, 2023 5th, Five-Year Draft Review Report
HPNS_NOV2023_PARCEL_B_BLDG_123_DEMO_FACT_SHEET.PDFHPNS November 2023 Parcel B Bldg. 123 Demolition Fact Sheet
HPNS_NOV2023_PARCEL_B_BLDG_123_DEMOLITION_FACT_SHT.PDFFact Sheet, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Building 123, Demolition and Soil Cleanup November 2023
HPNS_OCT_2023_GUIDED_BUS_TOURS.PDFOct. 2023 Bus Tour Notice
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