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Former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

HPNS_042423_FIELDWORK UPDATE_HPS CAC.PDFHunter Point 4/24/23 Meeting
HPNS_07292020_NAVY_UPDATE_PRESENTATIONJuly 23, 2020 Navy Update Presentation
HPNS_2018_ANUAL_UPDATE2018 Annual Update of Cleanup Achievements
HPNS_2018_Q2_QRTRLY_PROGRESS_UPDATE2018 2nd Quarter Progress Report
HPNS_2018_QTR1_PROGRESSUPDATE2018 1st Quarter Progress Report
HPNS_20181003_RADIOLOGICAL_DATA_EVALUATION_UPDATEOctober 3, 2018 Presentation for Radiological Retesting at Parcel G
HPNS_2019_ANNUAL_UPDATE_FINAL_R1_ENGLISH2019 Annual Update of Cleanup Achievements RI - English
HPNS_2019_ANNUAL_UPDATE_FINAL_R1_SPANISH2019 Annual Update of Cleanup Achievements RI - Spanish
HPNS_2019_ANNUAL_UPDATE_R1_CANTONESE_CHINESE2019 Annual Update of Cleanup Achievements RI - Cantonese
HPNS_2019_Q2_QTLY_PROGRESS_UPDATE2019 2nd Quarter Annual Update of Progress Report
HPNS_2019_QTR1_PROGRESSUPDATE2019 1st Quarter Annual Update of Progress Report
HPNS_20190422_CAC_PRESENTATION.PDFApril 22, 2019 Radiological Retesting - Background Sampling CAC Presentation
HPNS_20190826_CAC_PRESENTATIONAugust 26, 2019 Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), Environmental & Reuse Subcommittee Meeting Presentation
HPNS_20191016_Q3_PROGRESS_UPDATE2019 3rd Quarter Annual Update of Progress Report
HPNS_201912_COMMOUTREACH_POSTERDecember 2019 Community Outreach Poster
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