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Former Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove Documents

WG_20200708_SURFACEWATERRESULTS.PDFSurface Water Sampling Results (as of 8 July 2020)
WG_20200617_PUBNOT_RAB_NOTICE.PDFJune 17, 2020 Virtual RAB Meeting Notice
WG_20200617_PRESENTATION_RAB-NAVY.PDFJune 17, 2020 Virtual RAB Meeting Presentation - Navy
WG_20200617_AGENDA_RAB.PDFJune 17, 2020 Virtual RAB Meeting Agenda
WG_20200520_PUBNOT_RABPOSTPONE.PDFMay 20, 2020 RAB Meeting Notice - CANCELLED
WG_20200318_PUBNOT_RAB.PDFMarch 18, 2020 RAB Meeting Notice - CANCELED
WG_20200318_PRESENTATIONS_RAB_.PDFMarch 18, 2020 RAB Meeting Presentation
WG_20191204_SURFACEWATERRESULTS.PDFSurface Water Sampling Results (as of 04 Dec 2019)
WG_20191204_RABMINUTES.PDFDecember 4, 2019 RAB Meeting Minutes
WG_20191204_AGENDA_RAB.PDFDecember 4, 2019 RAB Agenda
WG_20191106_SURFACEWTRSEDRESULTS.PDFSurface Water Sediment Map (as of 06 Nov. 2019)
WG_20190919_RAB_PRESENTATION.PDFSeptember 19, 2019 RAB Meeting Presentation
WG_20190919_PUBNOT_RAB.PDFSeptember 19, 2019 Meeting Notice
WG_20190919_MINUTES_RAB.PDFSeptember 19, 2019 RAB Meeting Minutes
WG_20190530_PUBNOT_RAB.PDFMay 30, 2019 Meeting Notice
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