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What Are Military Munitions?
Military munitions or ordnance include all ammunition products and components produced or used by or for the Department of Defense or the United States Armed Services for national defense and security.  Unexploded ordnance or UXO is a subset of military munitions and is a commonly used term.

Military munitions include the following:
  •  Explosives
  •  Pyrotechnics
  •  Chemical agents
  •  Riot control agents
  •  Smoke rounds, grenades and mortars
  •  Incendiaries in the form of bulk explosives
  •  Chemical munitions
  •  Rockets
  •  Guided and ballistic missiles
  •  Bombs
  •  Warheads
  •  Mortar rounds
  •  Artillery ammunition
  •  Small arms ammunition
  •  Grenades
  •  Mines
  •  Torpedoes
  •  Depth charges
  •  Cluster munitions and dispensers
  •  Demolition charges.
Reporting Ordnance
In the event that an ordnance item (or any item that resembles ordnance or munitions) is discovered, the individual(s) making the discovery shall immediately evacuate the area and note the location.
If the item is located within transferred property downtown, the southern portion of the island, the NSGA area, or property otherwise outside Parcel 4, the discovering individual(s) shall call 911 immediately to inform the local police. The local authorities will contact the State Emergency Coordination Center (SECC) at 1-907-428-7100 to secure and remove the item.  Local authorities will also report the find to the Navy at 1-866-239-1219.   The Navy will notify EPA and ADEC and follow up with Fort Richardson to make sure that the ordnance item has been secured.
If the item is located on Navy retained land (that property within Parcel 4), the discovering individual will contact the Navy at 1-866-239-1219. Access to Navy retained land is limited to authorized individuals with ordnance training beyond that provided under this plan. This type of report is expected to come only from Navy personnel or personnel working in this area with task-specific access authorization.  The Navy will address the discovery either through Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11 at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington, or through UXO-qualified contractors.

The Navy has aggressively investigated and addressed ordnance issues on Adak. However, the possibility to encounter ordnance on Adak is always present.  Educational and notification measures have been implemented to be protective of human health if ordnance is discovered. Munitions awareness training is provided on an annual basis and also on arrival of commercial aircraft. Adak School has agreed to show the Munitions awareness DVD annually (and as needed to new students). A training plan has been developed, which covers key topics to discuss, materials to have available, etc.  These materials present information through the following means: DVDs (captioned and uncaptioned); written brochures; trail maps; laminated safety cards clipped with a carabineer for hiking in the field; child and adult-focused posters; children’s coloring book; logo-imprinted magnets (with a community developed Aleut design and 1-866-239-1219 number), coffee mugs, sports balls, and tri-color markers.  All of these materials may be requested through the toll-free number 1-866-239-1219.

The munitions awareness training is intended to familiarize on-island residents and visitors with the history of ordnance use, storage, handling and disposal on Adak Island; basic characteristics of ordnance items on Adak; and the procedures that should be followed if a suspected ordnance item is encountered. In addition to maintaining this program, legal instruments (such as Past After Action Reports, available in the information repositories) will also be used to inform future users of information related to past investigations and clearance activities for ordnance hazards.  Depending on the item, information presented includes historical use of ordnance on Adak, restricted areas on the island, safety procedures to follow if ordnance is discovered, emergency contact numbers, or simply the Be Safe Be Aware message.

Munitions awareness island maps and other materials will be distributed by the city of Adak, USFWS, and by the Aleut Housing Authority. Trail maps and other materials may be available at other locations such as the post office, airport, fish plant and medical clinic. These locations may vary based on available staffing and materials.

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