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PFAS Open House

PFOA and PFOS have been detected in groundwater at former NAS Memphis above 70 ppt. When a known or suspected release of PFAS is identified on a Navy installation and groundwater is used as drinking water, a sampling area is established 1 mile in the direction that groundwater flows away from a release area. PFOA or PFOS were not found above actionable levels at NSA Mid-South, the Navy property south of the former NAS Memphis.



In 2022, a Preliminary Assessment (PA) for PFAS was completed at former NAS Memphis. The PA identified a total ten potential PFAS release areas where further investigation was recommended. The PA Report was finalized in February 2022 and can be found here

From December 2022 to January 2023, sample collection and analysis of groundwater soil, sediment, and surface water was completed at these areas in support of the PFAS Site Inspection (SI). During the SI, PFOA and/or PFOS were detected in shallow groundwater above 70 ppt in 17 wells at eight of the ten areas.  The Site Inspection Report was finalized in June 2023 and can be found here.

As a result, the Navy established a sampling area 1 mile from the detections of PFOA and/or PFOS above 70 ppt in the direction that groundwater flows away from the base. Based on the new information about the direction of groundwater flow, the proposed sampling area includes properties within the City of Millington. The Navy will continue on-base PFAS investigations and evaluate if actions are needed on base.

The Navy offers sampling to all property owners whose property is within the sampling area and whose drinking water is supplied by a drinking water well. You may find if your property is within the sampling area here.


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