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Community Update on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Cleanup

21 July 2021
The Navy is committed to ensuring the public has confidence in the environmental-cleanup program at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS) by sharing regular updates on progress.

The Navy is committed to ensuring the public has confidence in the environmental-cleanup program at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS) by sharing regular updates on progress.

  • Released Community Outreach Video. The Navy recently shared a brief video on the resources and information available to the Hunters Point community on the cleanup program. In the video, Environmental Program Manager Derek Robinson gives an overview of the community outreach initiatives that the Navy provides at Hunters Point, including informational resources, community meetings, bus tours, email updates, and phone hotlines. He also emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the cleanup process at HPNS. In the video, Dr. Kathryn Higley, Community Technical Advisor, answers the most common questions she receives from residents on the cleanup and site. You can view the full video online.
  • Continued Parcel G Retesting Efforts. The Navy is continuing its cleanup and retesting efforts across parcels at HPNS. At Parcel G, radiological retesting is currently underway for phase 1 soil excavation which will be followed by phase 2 in fall 2021. The Navy also expects to begin surveying former building sites this fall. All fieldwork at HPNS follows strict health and safety guidelines, including dust control measures, air monitoring, and radiological safety scans. As the first parcel to be retested, Parcel G will guide future work for other areas of HPNS. The full retesting of Parcel G is projected to be completed in spring 2022.
  • Presented the Latest Project Status to Citizens Advisory Committee. The Navy provided the Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee (HPS CAC) and the community with an update on the cleanup work at HPNS during a virtual meeting held on May 24, 2021. Derek Robinson gave a parcel-by-parcel summary of the Navy’s work at HPNS, including the retesting work on Parcel G. He also discussed the regulatory process that governs cleanup efforts, the air and dust monitoring conducted to protect the public, and the radiological health and safety surface scans of accessible areas. Mr. Robinson answered questions from several members of the community. The presentation and materials shared by the Navy are available on the Meeting Material webpage. The next HPS CAC meeting will be held on Monday, August 23.
  • Virtual Open House. In March, the Navy used a virtual community room for the first time to share radiological retesting information on Parcel G at HPNS. Project managers provided an audio walkthrough of several resources available to the community on retesting activities and cleanup processes. Derek Robinson also moderated two live question and answer sessions. About 250 people visited the virtual community room. Questions and answers from the open house event are summarized in the HPNS 2021 First Quarter Progress Update available here.

For more information on the Hunters Point cleanup, please call the HPNS Info Line at (415) 295-4742 or send an email to

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