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Navy Releases Results from Community Survey – June 2022

06 July 2022
Every two years, the Navy conducts a survey of the Bayview/Hunters Point community and asks for feedback on the Navy’s efforts to provide information about its work at the Former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS). The survey helps to get direct feedback on its efforts to update residents and local groups.
In November 2021, the Navy conducted its latest survey and 316 local community members responded. The survey was sent via postal mail, the Navy’s website and newsletters, and emailed to several dozen community groups and organizations.


The results of the survey indicate that:
  • The community is most interested in three topics: the City of San Francisco’s plans to redevelop HPNS (the view of 77% of respondents), the timeline for the Navy’s environmental restoration work on the Shipyard (70%), and the technologies the Navy is using to clean up the site (58%).
  • More than four out of five residents (82%) are satisfied with the amount of information received from the Navy and access to Navy officials or they do not have an opinion. 
  • Local residents get information about the Shipyard cleanup from the Navy and a variety of sources, including the BRAC HPNS website and events where the Navy presents updates on progress at the site. 
  • The community would like to receive information and program updates, as appropriate, on a quarterly basis or less.
We want to thank participants for taking the time to provide this important survey feedback. The Navy will continue to share regular updates on its work at HPNS.
If you have any questions, please contact the Navy's Environmental Program Manager, Derek Robinson (

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