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Former Long Beach Naval Complex

LONG_BEACH_5YR_PUBLIC_NOTICE.PDFPublic Notification of Commencing 2024 5-Year Review
LBNC_RAB_RULES.PDFRestoration Advisory Board Rules
LBNC_RAB_APPLICATION.PDFApplication To Serve On The LBNC Restoration Advisory Board
LBNC_20191203_IR_CLOSING_PUBNOT.PDFPublic Notice Announcing Closing Of The Information Repository For The Long Beach Naval Complex
LBNC_20181203_IR_TRANSITIONING_PUBNOT.PDFPublic Notice Announcing Transitioning Of The Information Repository From Long Beach To Administrative Records
LBNC_201608_PUBNOT_DFOST.PDF2014 Finding Of Suitability To Transfer
LBNC_200709_ROD_IR_SITE_7.PDF2007 Record Of Decision IR Site 7
LBNC_200608_ROD_ IR_SITE11_12_13.PDF2006 Record Of Decision IR Sites 11, 12, and 13
LBNC_200508_ROD_IR_SITE_9.PDF2005 Record Of Decision IR Site 9
LBNC_200408_ROD_IR_SITE 8,10 2004.PDF2004 Record Of Decision OU-4, IR Sites 8 and 10
LBNC_200006_ROD_IR_SITE1_2.PDF2000 Record Of Decision IR Sites 1 and 2
LBNC_199904_ROD_IR_SITE 3,4,5,6A.PDF1999 Record of Decision IR Sites 3, 4, 5, and 6A
FINAL_SIGNED_ESD_LBNC_SITES_1_2_202306.PDF2023 Explanation Of Significant Differences, IR Sites 1 and 2
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