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NAS South Weymouth Documents

APPLICATION.PDFMember Application
FOSL_2008-0808_FINAL.PDFAugust 2008, Finding Of Suitability To Lease (FOSL) Parcels L-1 Through L-15 (Approx 492 Acres)
FOST_3-0508.PDFMay 2008, Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for Subparcels Formerly Designated: SR-W-2 and SR-W-3 (Approx 20.4 Acres)
FOST_4-0508.PDFMay 2008, Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for Thirty-Two Subparcels Designated (Approx 314 Acres)
FOST_5A-0108.PDFSeptember 2008, Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for Parcels SP-1 Through SP-8 (Approx 335 Acres)
NAS_SOWEY_1A_08JUN23_RAB_AGENDA.PDFJune 8 2023 RAB Mtg. Agenda
NASSW_2002-08-16_FOST-1_FINAL.PDFAugust 2002, Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for Zoning Subparcels B1-W-1, INST-1, OS-A-1, OS-C-1 and 2, OS-R-1 through 5, OS-W-1 and 2, SPUD-1 through 7, SR-R, SR-W-1, and SSE (486.75 Total Acres)
NASSW_2003-01-23_FOST-2_FINAL.PDFJanuary 2003, Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) for Seven Zoning Subparcels Designated as INST-2, OS-C-3, OS-C-4, SPUD-8, SPUD-9, SPUD-10, and the Trotter Road Extension (70.05 Total Acres)
SW_20200611_RAB_PRESENTATIONS.PDFJun 11, 2020 RAB Presentations
SW_20200901_PRAP_NOTICE.PDFNotice of Availability and Public Comment Period for NoMans Land Island, CHILMARK
SW_20211209_RAB_MEETING_PRESENTATION.PDFDec 09, 2021 RAB Meeting Presentation
SW_20220124_NOMANS_LAND_ISLAND_ROD.PDFJanuary 2022, Record of Decision for Nomans Land Island
SW_20221208_RAB_MEETING_NOTICE.PDFRAB Meeting Notice
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