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How Does the Navy Keep the Community Informed About the Cleanup Program at Hunters Point?

30 October 2019
Statement: The Navy is committed to keeping the greater Hunters Point community informed about cleanup program progress at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS). The ultimate goal is to ensure confidence in the safety of the Shipyard property upon transfer to the City of San Francisco.

Statement: The Navy is committed to keeping the greater Hunters Point community informed about cleanup program progress at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS). The ultimate goal is to ensure confidence in the safety of the Shipyard property upon transfer to the City of San Francisco.

There are two primary methods the Navy uses to keep the community informed:

1.  Electronic and Hardcopy (website, videos and fact sheets, mailings and information repository)
2.  Direct Outreach (meetings, public notices, surveys and email)

Electronic and Hardcopy:

Navy website. The Navy’s HPNS website is updated regularly with news, public notices, frequently asked questions, meeting materials and presentations, program documents, and informational fact sheets. The latest news and information is typically shared on the Timely Topics page and/or in the What’s New section of the homepage. These posts include a community newsletter that recaps recent developments of note.

Quarterly and annual updates. The Navy publishes quarterly and annual updates of HPNS cleanup achievements. These documents are sent to members of the HPNS distribution lists and are posted on the Progress Reports page of the website.

Radiological program videos and fact sheets. The HPNS website includes a series of videos and topic-specific fact sheets that explain the process and technical elements of the ongoing radiological retesting at the former Shipyard.

Distribution lists. The Navy provides information to more than 2,000 community members via email, offering regular program updates, project spotlights, public notices, meeting announcements, bus tour registration and program contact information. Program materials are sent via email and/or U.S. Mail to more than 50 local community groups and organizations. The Navy also provides technical fact sheets to a distribution list of 2,000 postal addresses and notices for public meetings and surveys to a mailing list with more than 15,000 postal addresses. To be added to an HPNS distribution list, send an email or leave a message on the HPNS Info Line at (415) 295-4742.

Information repositories. The Navy’s materials are available to the public at two established information repositories: the Bayview/Linda Burton-Brooks Branch Library (5075 3rd Street, (415) 355-5757) and at the main San Francisco Public Library, Government Information Center, 5th Floor (100 Larkin Street, (415) 557-4400). Due to space considerations, the local branch library has a limited selection of program documents; however, the main library has an extensive selection.

Administrative Record. An online Administrative Record (AR) file has been established by the Navy for the environmental cleanup program at HPNS, which is available for public review. It includes technical reports, project documents and other supporting documentation that form the basis for selection of remedial actions under the environmental cleanup program at HPNS. A search tool is provided on the Navy’s website.

Direct Outreach:

Public and community meetings. The Navy gives presentations at regularly scheduled Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee (HPS CAC) Environmental and Reuse (E&R) Subcommittee Meetings. In addition, the Navy holds its own public meetings at key milestones in the federal regulatory process that require community stakeholder input. This includes one-on-one and small group discussions about topics of interest with subject-matter experts at Navy Community Meeting Open House events. These events have allowed the Navy to steadily increase the number of community members it reaches in person over the past decade, including nearly 500 community members who attended Navy events in 2017 and 2018.

Members of HPNS distribution lists receive notice of upcoming Navy meetings. Navy presentations and other materials shared at meetings are posted on the Meeting Materials page of the HPNS website.

Site tours. The Navy offers guided bus tours of HPNS, providing participants with close-up views of the cleanup sites and the opportunity to ask questions in a small group environment. Tours are typically offered during the spring and summer each year and are open to the public. Send an email or leave a message on the HPNS Info Line at (415) 295-4742 to inquire about upcoming HPNS bus tours.

Radiological Technical Advisor. Dr. Kathryn Higley, an internationally recognized expert in radiological health and safety from Oregon State University, is available as an independent technical advisor to the greater Hunters Point community, specifically addressing radiological concerns. She welcomes questions by phone, email, in person at local events or by appointment.

Radiological Technical Advisor
Dr. Kathryn Higley
(571) 737-7063

Tenant Outreach. The Navy offers targeted outreach and communicates site-specific updates to on-site tenants and/or tenant representatives to ensure accurate information is shared and tenant needs are addressed.

Information Line. The HPNS Info Line at (415) 295-4742 provides up-to-date information about outreach activities planned for the former Shipyard, including Navy meeting information and bus tour announcements and registration. The HPNS Info Line supports outgoing and incoming messages in English, Spanish and Cantonese.

Multilingual options. To support the diverse needs of the greater Hunters Point community, Cantonese and/or Spanish translators and translated print materials are available at identified local events and Navy Open House events, by mail to identified community groups and individuals upon request, and on the HPNS Info Line.

The HPNS Outreach Program provides many opportunities for the Navy to reach the community, share program information and receive input. While the current outreach channels have proven effective at reaching the community, the Navy regularly solicits the community’s input on its outreach and makes adjustments in response to community feedback and topics of interest. Continued feedback is welcome; if you have any questions or comments, please contact Derek Robinson at

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